About Us

Our core business focus is to buy distressed residential properties, and add substantial value through renovation and property development. Hunter & Turner Constructions is a small but highly successful company with its directors having over 10 years experience in the real estate industry.

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Through our experience and skill we identify how to add substantial value to our properties within a relatively short time frame. All of our sites are project managed to time, cost and quality and are either sold upon completion or retained for longer term capital growth.

The directors, Paul Hunter & Bradley Turner, have gained an excellent reputation for quality projects that are well suited to the demands within their target suburb market.

Paul Hunter & Bradley Turner purchased their first property together in 2002 in the NSW suburb of Queanbeyan. Back then the suburb had an ‘underdog’ profile and was seen as struggle town. For Paul & Brad it also provided an opportunity to buy an unrenovated 2 bedroom apartment and rejuvenate it.

Please feel free to have a look at our Queanbeyan¬†picture gallery and see the transformation from a dark and dingy, tobacco ridden, stinky 2 bedroom ‘rough gem’ to a sparkling diamond.

Hunter & Turner Constructions is a division of Hunterdown & Turneround Property Group Pty Ltd.  ABN 79 160 849 990.